Wednesday, June 1, 2011

color me beautiful

Carlos has a tendency to be all picky when it comes to his crayons. He doesn't mind if its broken but cannot stand when it does not glide properly on paper. So really he doesn't really want any that is not Crayola. So we have a bunch lying around unused and unwanted. So what to do with them?? 
Carlos all ready for this project! He was like Mom let's do it already!!!

So this involves a candle, a metal spoon and your old crayons.

So we picked a few to use and broke them into smaller pieces and removed the wrappers
then off to melting... 
(do do this for your child to avoid accidents)
It takes only about a minute to melt
then off to the paper it goes!
make it glide from side to side or..
and just repeat steps =))

yay for the finished product! =)
One happy Carlos! =)
This was done before I left that is why we finished in only 20 minutes... if not that paper would have been filled! I was off to the dentist for Crown lengthening (waaaaah) then passed by our shoot afterwards! They were almost done when I got there but it was worth it even just for the catching up! Missed you guys 

blouse: Zara shorts: f21 bag: Gucci

much love


  1. I used to do that to Marise's old crayons! haha! Just like carlos, marise wanted her crayons to be crayola haha! and I am lovin your outfit and the shoes where did you get it ? :)

  2. What a great idea, I'm going to do that with the kids I work with. You look lovely. x

  3. awww sooo cute! i love your blouse :)


  4. @denise kids can be so picky haha , I've had the pair since forever I got it in one of the stalls in Madrid =)

  5. @ Sia thanks!! share with me also ideas for kids =))

    @beryl thank u!

  6. cool idea! i've done something similar by crushing them and ironing it between wax paper.

    love your bag!

  7. awww, so cute! love how this blog has transformed into something more than fashion.

  8. @oomph will try that next time!!!

    @kookie thank you!! =))


thanks for the love!