Wednesday, June 1, 2011

midnight cravings

Ok so out of nowhere I suddenly start craving for french toast with caramelized apples which my pregnant sister made 2 days ago and I wasn't able to get any. It was 9PM already at this point but my mom was still out and was able to ask her to get me much needed ingredients of my simplified version. So they basically just consists of Apples, brown sugar, vanilla, (I forgot cinnamon and Apple cider), unsalted butter, milk and eggs.

Chopping began at 10pm... 
 fried the apples on butter then added the brown sugar and teeny tiny hint of vanilla
 fried the bread that was soaked in beat eggs with fresh milk
 and serve with confectioner's sugar! 
 We were enjoying this by 10:30 PM
good thing I had C to share its goodness (and calories) with!!!

I usually crave breakfast food for midnight snack 
(I know so not good right) 
how about you? 

much love

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  1. ohhh looks so yum!! I can understand why you were craving it :)

    please check out my blog x


thanks for the love!