Wednesday, June 8, 2011

its not as clear as black and white

 pink manila cream and black blazer, f21 black and white aztec print shorts, fstop shoes

The day was allotted for our upcoming trip with the girls this weekend. So the afternoon was spent looking for swimsuits and YES I know we are extremely late at doing this (It is currently raining while I am writing this). It is actually long overdue since our last was like 3 summers ago when we still had ENA with us =( Now we are again saying good-bye to one of us and we are down to 4!!!  Ok I missed the point of this entry. Didn't mean to again mention that NICOLE IS LEAVING!!!! Anyway we are all taking it one day at a time and today was for shopping and discussing details for the trip.  So we were going around and checking out the Parisian shoes when someone called my name...

Its Aisa doing some pull-outs!!! =) HI!!! =)

anyhoooo after that we were off to dinner and some serious meeting! har har

Loved that Kelly finally got us to try SOM's! Its this authentic Thai resto in Algier St. Rockwell. 

The food is so goooood and soooo cheap! We just had to pay 280php each!!!

Ok what we had to discuss were room assignments, what we have to bring and the Menu for our trip! Yep I know ang babaw but we are super excited haha I for one am also happy that I am getting cooking lessons out of it too from Kelly! The night was not enough for all our chicka but had to keep it short and just save it for the weekend when we are also complete. 

oooh and sorry for coming photos that does not have explanations except for the fact that the streets were empty and I had the sense to tinker with my cam. 

Much love


  1. Wow that blazer looks so much like the one in ZARA.i love it!
    I have always wanted to eat at Som's but never got around to doing it.

  2. I love your bottoms!

  3. i adore the two-toned blazer!

  4. I absolutely LOVE that blazer you are wearing! AMAZING!

    I'm your NEWEST follower! I hope you will visit me and follow me back!

    xx Erica

  5. That blazer is amazing! You look lovely hun. x

  6. HI DONNA..I love your pink nail polish..what brand are you using?thanks:)

  7. hi donna.. i love your pink nail polish..what brand are you using?thanks dear

  8. hi krz I am so sorry I wasn't able to take note of the brand nor the color of the nailpolish but I had it done in nailaholics in galleria! =) hope that helps


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