Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Daddies' day!

I keep re-thinking my title since I have yet to spend father's day with my dad.  Nonetheless it is still app  since I got to celebrate with the hubby and the dad-in-law.   
sweater: f21 pants: MOTO from Topshop shoes: colevintage

Lunch was at TORCH (Connecticut, Greenhills)
Hello daddies!

Chicken BBQ Pizza
we were so hungry wasn't able to take a full photo of the pizza anymore!

Chef Nico with his steak fondue!
Love the presentation and the 5 different sauces but not the hassle of having to wait for it to cook pa! haha

Salpicao - wow! 

Really happy to be officially part of the fam. I feel quite spoiled actually twas such a surprise when I received a dress and a pair of shorts from Topshop =))

So how did your father's day go?

much love

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