Tuesday, June 7, 2011

a lot to smile about

pink Lacoste button down, f21 geometric print silk skirt, online shoes
I have yet to get my smile back! Ever since I've had that procedure with my gums I cannot smile properly since my cheek is still a lil bit swollen! Anyway I did a lot of smiling today spending time with the boys. Started the day (in the afternoon) for C's check up where we received good news. Happy that he is within the normal curve for his height. Its always scary to think he will get my height and not his dad's! Also he didn't squirm for his shot hehe my lil boy all grown up!!!

After that headed straight to pick up shoes from renegade folk! I was in rockwell with fam yesterday and saw these awesome pair in TINT. I was really saddened by the fact the store didn't have my size but its all good since I was - I mean I AM in a shopping ban (and it is available online teehee). It was really for the best since it reminded me that they always have had great shoes and I needed some for our shoot. I am glad that my friend binx knows one of the owners and gave me her number. She is such a sweetheart and was so easy to talk to!! SO THANK YOU RENEGADE FOLK!!!

To end our day we just dropped by my fave place in Katipunan. I remember spending Vdays here with my bellas. The ambiance is just so app. 
Like a secret garden

study nook
do dare to enter
everything chocolate


feels like home

"a balanced diet is chocolate in both hands"

taking care of business/napping? 

"I used to care now I just eat chocolate"
Attitude problem? Nothing chocolate cannot solve.

take your order

goat cheese salad with candied pili nuts and churros con chocolate
yum and got something to prove it!
Xocolat can be found in Promenade in Greenhills too but they don't have these lights nor the warmth this place brings forth!

much love

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