Saturday, June 18, 2011

when in doubt

When in doubt
instincts will serve you right

Game plan was to see how in synched we have become over the last few months we have spent days and days together. So the theme was: no theme. Morning before I was picked up by the van was spent in wonderment and worry. However I was calmed by the thought that if I do become the odd one out of the team AT LEAST I stuck to my personal style. So I dug deep into my roots and let the romantic dresser in me flow freely. 

cover up: topshop dress: from Bangkok necklace: f21 shoes: cole vintage purse: Fendi

Instincts did serve me right as when I entered the van and saw Reg. We were all celebrating in delight as we saw each other's outfit!!! (see hers here) Best part was when we saw Mother Luis and we were all in theme!!! Too bad I didn't get a chance to take photos of Mikka (who was somewhat in theme) and Rudolph who went opposite our spectrum for that day (and who was teased incessantly). However I got a chance to take photos with a friend and a newly found one along the way as the day progressed. 

with  Associate Merchandise Manager of Diesel and High School friend Sygryd! She was there to supervise the fitting of the models too. 
Ana of 

I was eyeing her the whole day since I kept seeing her around Greenbelt! Cannot really help but take notice of this pretty girl totting a Gucci purse and LV shopping bags. So finally when we ran into each other again in Ferragamo, conversation struck. I was so kilig that she recognized me from Chictopia!!! Glad to finally meet you and looking forward to seeing you around!!! I am now following your blog and reading every entry!

I was so happy at the end of the day! Finally getting my groove on again! Cannot wait for the next days... ;D

much love

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