Friday, June 3, 2011

MNG Gold knitted cardigan Zara white cotton top F21 Old Rose shorts Jessica Bennett embroidered velvet clogs

I have always been cautious in sharing too much in my blog. I have always been reluctant since as a person it really takes awhile to penetrate my wall but once you have I am an open book. Just as the case in my blog, I think I have come to trust the community more and more and have divulged a great deal of personal information about myself and family. I am in a point where I have not regretted this and really hope that the time when I will won't come. I am glad that I have not garnered hate from anyone together  with the step of showing more of myself. I am grateful for those that leave comments of appreciation and encouragement and some of advice. Thank you guys for the love it truly urges me to share more and more. 

much love


  1. Your blog has inspired me in many ways little of your knowing :-) luv ya my dearest :-)

  2. im still a little iffy about sharing too much in my blog too. some of my closest friends don't even know i keep a blog haha! i love how you mixed your outfit! very effortless chic. :)

  3. What a gorgeous shot by that chair! And being open in your blog is what makes a good blog. x

  4. @ luis thanks mother that means so much!

    @ the perpetrator took me awhile to let my friends know too haha thanks!!!

    @November grey thank you will keep that in mind!

  5. Your outfit is AMAZING!
    Your blog is,too!
    I'm following :)
    Follow back? :D

  6. I've always been fascinated about your ability to share yourself so generously with others :) Keep writing my love!! C is growing up so fast!!! I always enjoy seeing his little smirk and coy smile. Simply irresistible :)

  7. i also started with as little information about myself as possible..but i slowly opened up myself. now though, i think i open up too much because i ramble too much about what i feel..hehe.

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  8. I completely the same way. I'm very shy and hold back a lot, until I am 100% comfortable in my environment. Anyways, your blog is lovely and inspiring. Very pretty photos. Thanks so much for visiting mine:) xx Marisa


thanks for the love!